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Schaltsignale mit Internet übertragen

New device development:


On the one hand as a further development of the Blue.Box-II, on the other hand as a versatile industrial device that transmits digital switching signals and analog 0/4-20mA signals to the Internet. This makes it possible to change, save and display (visualize) these signals and also send them to other MELBOXes, which can then output these signals. Relays (230V/4A) and analog outputs 0/4-20mA are available for this purpose. A color LCD touch monitor can also play film sequences and 2 loudspeakers can be used for signaling and alarms.
16 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs 0-10V, 4-20mA,
16 buttons programmable, 4 analog outputs, 8 relay outputs, battery.
Programming is done via web browser without any programming knowledge.
Internet connection via Ethernet cable, WLAN or surf stick (also combined),
The MELBOX is suitable for alerting, evacuating large numbers of people,
remote control over long distances such as raised tanks <-> pumping stations,
monitoring unmanned systems (server rooms)[…]

alarmieren push notification sms

New development:

powerful web-based SMS alerting

The alarms from your responsible alarm center are automatically forwarded electronically to the Alson service center and from there forwarded to your emergency team via SMS. Simultaneously and without delay – to the entire team. You receive access data and password for the service center and can enter all of your team’s cell phone numbers and group divisions. Up to 30 groups can be created.[…]