Welcome to Nagl Elektronik!


Founding of Nagl Elektronik

Nagl Elektronik was founded on September 10th and immediately had several development and production orders. e.g. temperature switches for Elektro Payer

it continued...

...with the conversion of mini-disc players for dance schools so that the playback speed can be continuously adjusted and dances can also be learned with fast songs.

Fan run-on switch

An important experience was the production of fan overrun switches for toilet and bathroom fans.

HydroView or SRD-V

We developed a pump control system with a live graphic display of the pump curve in stepless speed control mode. This also gave us our first patent.

then came the first remote control via SMS...

... it was the predecessor of the HomeWatcher. Not particularly pretty, but it opened the door to the world of remote control and alarms via SMS. At the same time, it also opened the door to collaboration with a renowned product designer. So first came the HomeWatcher.


The company ITT-Austria (formerly Pumpenfabrik Ernst Vogel) in Stockerau also jumped on the bandwagon and had the PumpWatcher developed. A device that has perfected remote operation, remote control and alarming via SMS.


At that time, A1 was still called mobilkom austria and had a paging network that was to be switched off. This was now possible thanks to the development of the Blue.Box (incidentally, the name was also an idea of ​​mobilkom austria) and emergency services such as fire brigades and mountain rescue services switched to alerting people to their cell phones via SMS.


We gave Coca-Cola the idea of ​​remotely controlling Coke vending machines via SMS. It was fun for young people and technology freaks --> and a lot of work and joy for us.


The next big step came with the development of ALSON (a web-based alarm system for fire departments) --> into CMS development (content management system) and mobile app development. This enables the responsible firefighter to change the mobile phone numbers and group assignments using any standard browser. The alarms are sent out faster and in the multi-level system more securely and even more cheaply than with the Blue.Box.


A logical addition to Blue.Box, PumpWatcher and ALSON is a system that was developed for the needs of industry:
- Alerts to mobile phones in the event of technical faults
- Remote control of relay outputs from mobile phones
- Send texts from a serial interface to mobile phones
(e.g.: texts from a fire alarm system)
- Remote transmission of digital binary switching signals
(switching the pumps in the waterworks on/off)
- Remote transmission of analogue measured values ​​(0-10V, 4-20mA)
(remote monitoring of temperature during laboratory experiments)
- Configuration via any common web browser