Blue Box Alarmierung ans Handy mit SMS
alarmieren Feuerwehr sms
blue box alarmieren ans handy

Fire departments are increasingly faced with the problem of being able to alert a sufficient number of firefighters.

  • Everyone has their mobile phone with them,
  • worldwide reach (incoming SMS are also free abroad).
  • The costs for purchasing the cell phones and their repair are not borne by the fire department.
    Apart from the SMS charges, there are no costs for the fire departments.
The Blue.Box II has a GSM module built in. After the alarm is triggered, the alarm text is sent to the stored mobile phone numbers of the respective group.

The order of this transmission is determined by you in the programming. Speed ​​= 1-2 seconds / SMS.

The.Blue.Box can be used with any SIM card. Therefore, you can use the cheapest SMS tariffs.

Every single SMS is sent directly as an SMS to the GSM network . Therefore, this alarm only depends on the function of the GSM network used.

In the event of a failure, a GSM operator is immediately informed by many customer complaints.

Regional failures of the GSM network operator do not affect the SMS alarm in the other regions.

The.Blue.Box-II for quick and safe alerting of fire departments and large groups of people.

Technical data:

  • 16 groups of 90 mobile numbers each (up to 1440 numbers)

  • Remote alarm, follow-up alarm easily from mobile or landline phone

  • Sending messages (e.g. exercise reminders, meeting dates, etc.) from your mobile phone via The.Blue.Box II.

  • Flash SMS or normal SMS can be set for each person

  • integrated real-time clock (automatic summer/winter time change)

  • Alerts to mobile phones of all GSM networks

  • 100% remote maintenance possible. Configuration software

  • Logging of the last 10 actions.

  • Built-in battery, power failure SMS

  • LED display shows all operating states

  • Remote control of relay outputs via SMS (e.g. door opener, heating …)

  • Protection class: IP54 water and dustproof

  • Weight: 4.1 kg

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 315 x 270 x 110mm; Height with antenna: 550mm

  • Transmission frequency: Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • RF transmit power: 2W

  • Supply: 110 – 230VAC / plug-in power supply

  • Ambient temperature: 5 – 52°C

  • Humidity: 5 – 98%, non-condensing

  • Antenna: 4 db gain

  • Warranty: 2 years

1-2 seconds / SMS
Numbers per group
Numbers maximum
alerting to mobile via sms

A SIM card is inserted into the Blue Box II.

The SMS charges are billed via this SIM card by your network operator.

einfache Programmierung

The cell phone numbers and all settings are programmed using convenient Windows software.

The data is transferred to the Blue Box II via USB.

No PC is required for operation.

integrierter Akku

The Blue Box II has an integrated battery.

In the event of a power failure, a group can be triggered.

Things to know about SMS

SMS are sent and received on the signaling channel SS7. Control signals such as call forwarding are also transmitted via this channel. It is also possible to receive SMS during a telephone conversation. The technical term for flash SMS is Class-0. There is a priority flag. This is also set by the Blue.Box-II. However, there is no network operator that supports this.

Accessories: The connection to your system

Connect The.Blue.Box II to a fire alarm system and the text will be sent as an SMS. Digital or analog alarms. There is always the right accessory.

easy programming